LPD settings tab (Source Configuration)

Use this tab to configure an LPD source.

Documents received by this source will be routed to Output Manager. You can access this tab when you create or configure an LPD source.

Port — Specifies the host's port number. The default value is 515.

IP address — Specifies the host’s IP address. Click the Browse button to select one of the available connections, or enter the IP address directly in the box.

Temp folder — Specifies the location files are transferred into during the LPD session. When the session is complete they are put in the file store.

LPD queues — Lists all defined LPD queues. Select the check boxes in the Enabled column to enable/disable the LPD queues.

  • Add button — Adds an LPD queue using the Add Queue Subdevice tab pages. You will need to configure the options on the LPD queue settings tab.
  • Modify button — Modifies the selected LPD queue.
  • Remove button — Removes the selected LPD queue.

Default queue — Selects the default queue which will process all requests made to unrecognized queues. All defined LPD queues are listed.