IPP settings tab (Source Configuration)

Use this tab to configure an IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) source. You can access this tab when you create or configure an IPP source.

The settings on this tab configure the URL that is used to communicate with an IPP printer. The URL is formed as follows:


Make sure that the network and firewall are configured to allow incoming traffic to the specified IP address and port number.

Option Description
IP address Specifies the IP address for the IPP printer.
Enable SSL/TLS Select this check box to use SSL or TLS to communicate with the printer.
Port Specifies the port that the server uses to communicate with the printer. The default port setting is 631.
Disable base listener Select this box to disable listening for IPP traffic on the base IP address and port, instead of the full URL.
Instance name Specifies the instance name for the printer.
Capabilities profile Select the capabilities profile to be used when this source is used by a printer based on our UPSD.