Email settings tab (Source Configuration)

Use this tab to configure an email source.

Documents received by the specified email account will be routed to Output Manager. You can access this tab when you create or configure an email source.

Email settings

Option Description

Select POP3 to use a Post Office Protocol connection between the Output Manager server and the email server. Select IMAP4 to use an Internet Message Access Protocol connection.

Email server
Enter a valid mail exchange server. You can also click the browse button (...) to display the Mail Server Search dialog box and search for an email server on a given domain.
  • POP3 — Specifies to use the POP3 protocol to access the email server.
  • IMAP4 — Specifies to use the IMAP4 protocol to access the email server.
  • Exchange Web Services — Use Exchange Web Services (EWS) to access the email server. EWS must be active on the email server to support this option.

Specifies the port number for the selected protocol. The following table lists common port assignments for the protocols that Output Manager supports:

Protocol Port
POP3 110
POP3 (SSL enabled) 995
IMAP4 143
IMAP4 (SSL enabled) 993

The port number for your environment may vary. Refer to an email server administrator for more information.

Note: This setting is unavailable and the port number is configured by the application when Exchange Web Services is selected for Email server.
EWS connection Select the option to use to discover and connect to the Exchange server when Exchange Web Services is selected for Protocol:
  • Autodiscover via email address — Specify an email address.
  • Service URI — Specify the service URI (such as

Select to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt the connection between the email server and Output Manager.

User name

Specifies the user name that will be used when logging in to the email account. If the email account does not require a user name, you can leave this box blank.

Password/Confirm Password

Specifies the user password that will be used when logging in to the email account. If the email account does not require a password, you can leave these boxes blank.


Specifies the time interval for checking the email account for documents. The default value is 60 seconds.

Delete messages

Deletes the email messages and their attachments from the email server once they have been received into Output Manager. This option is selected by default.

Include the following email components in a secondary document

Select the email components to include in a separate components document that users can print. When Output Manager receives an email, Output Manager resolves its attachments into documents and creates the components document. Output Manager then creates a single package that contains all the documents from the email, the attachments, and the components document.