ControlSuite settings tab (Source Configuration)

Use this tab to configure a ControlSuite source to receive documents from Equitrac, AutoStore or Business Connect.

Documents sent by Equitrac or AutoStore will be received by the specified ControlSuite source and will be routed to Output Manager. You can access this tab when you create or configure a ControlSuite source.

Print job submission service URL - The URL that corresponds to the ControlSuite source. This is not configurable. It is set when the Input Service is enrolled on the CS Enrollment tab of the Configuration Assistant. This URL is visible to Equitrac and AutoStore when they are configured to submit jobs to Output Manager.

If the URL is not present in the field, verify the following:

  • Make sure there is a certificate for the Output manager Input Service in Configuration Assistant > Certificate Management.

  • Make sure the Input Service is enrolled in Configuration Assistant > CS Enrollment.

  • When the configuration is updated, click the Refresh button to verify that the configuration is correct.