Configuring Embedded Devices

Embedded devices are manufacturer-specific software bridges that handle the transfer of user authentication and transaction details between these devices and your accounting server database. Supported devices prompt users for valid user and account ID information for all print release, walk-up copy, scan, and fax jobs.

You must create an embedded interface for each Xerox® MFP that will be controlled by Equitrac. Equitrac’s Web System Manager component provides the tools to create these interfaces.

The following procedure assumes you have already registered the physical device hosting the Equitrac Embedded application within Web System Manager. For details on performing this procedure, see the Kofax Equitrac Administration Help file.

To configure how each Xerox® EPA-EIP device is controlled by Equitrac, do the following:

  1. Use the Web System Manager > Devices link to manually add an embedded device that is associated with a single physical device in Equitrac.
  2. In Devices, select Physical Devicesand select a physical device from the list. Select Add Embedded Device from Select Action drop-down list.
  3. In the Definition section, select Xerox EIP, JBA from the Type drop-down list.
  4. Enter a Name for the embedded device. This is a required field, and an error message appears prompting to specify a device name if you click OK without naming the device.
  5. Enter a Description for the embedded device.
  6. The DCE server defaults to the current DCE host. Change the server, if necessary, by selecting another server from the list.
  7. Enter a Device administrator name and Device administrator password to set up secure administrator access to the device.
    Note: This login information is subsequently enforced at the MFP, and must match the MFP's settings. To validate you have the correct Admin name and password consult the Internet Services web pages for the MFP. If left blank, this Admin name and password defaults to the Xerox® default user/password.
  8. Select the Authentication method:
    • Server-based - Xerox Secure Access – to track printing through printer ports or the Direct IP Printing Client (DRC).
    • Server-based - Fuji Xerox authentication (EPA) – to track printing through Xerox Network Accounting.
    • Local - Xerox Native SmartCard – to authenticate using a Xerox native smart card.
      Note: Equitrac relies upon existing SmartCard functionality to allow authentication for embedded functions. Authentication through SmartCard is dependent upon a pre-existing operational native smart card setup per device. Ensure your setup includes smart card authentication before installing the embedded solution.
  9. Select a Prompt for billing code option from the drop-down list. These options allow you to configure billing codes on a per device level. For more information on globally configuring billing code prompts, see the Kofax Equitrac Administration Help file.
    • Default – This option uses the global billing code settings configured in Web System Manager.
    • Enabled – This option prompts the user for a billing code even if billing code prompts are not enabled globally.
    • Disabled – This option disables the billing code prompts even if they are enabled globally
  10. Click Pricing to configure pricing at the controller interface level. You should apply a default price list or a price list for each applicable function on the MFP.

    For details on configuring price lists, see the Kofax Equitrac Administration Help file.

    Note: To configure the Equitrac Embedded application to use the price list for the associated device, select the default price list. If you select an alternate price list for the Equitrac Embedded application, the alternate price list overrides the device setting.
  11. Select the Card Reader HID decoding group from the drop-down list. For details on HID decoding, see the Kofax Equitrac Administration Help file.
  12. Click Save to save the embedded device details and close the dialog box. The new embedded device appears in the Devices list beneath the Physical device it is associated with.
  13. Repeat these steps to create an embedded device on each supported Xerox® MFP in the Devices list.
When login is successful, a web page opens displaying the Xerox® MFP model name and its settings.