Configuring Follow-You Printing

Follow-You Printing extends the basic functionality of secure printing by allowing a user to release a print job to other compatible devices in the organization. Even if you deployed multiple DRE print servers—each of which manages a separate set of devices—you can configure Equitrac to allow printing across multiple print servers.

For example, a user who works in two different buildings can submit a print job from their computer in Building A, and while on the way to a meeting in Building B, they can walk up to any MFP (with the embedded application installed on it) and pull the job to a compatible printer nearest them.

If you want to deploy the Equitrac Embedded application in a single-server or a multi-server Follow-You Printing environment, do the following:

  1. Enable secure printing on each MFP.
    Secure printing sets up a virtual print queue that holds jobs until they are released at the embedded device by a valid user.
  2. Create and manage Pull groups.
    To allow users to release print jobs through the Equitrac Embedded application, you must create Pull groups, then add each physical device hosting the embedded application to a Pull group.
  3. Configure the Follow-You print settings.
    Determine the site where you want Follow-You Printing to be accessible from, and choose whether the print job is priced based on its properties before or after it is released.
  4. Enable multi-server Follow-You to allow users to direct jobs across multiple servers. (optional)
    This option enables users to retrieve Follow-You print jobs on a device connected to a different CAS and DCE/DRE server.
    Note: See the Advanced Printing Configuration section in the Kofax Equitrac Administration Help file for details on configuring secure printing, Follow-You Printing, and device pull groups.