Refreshing a Domain After Restarting a Device

If you are required to enter a user ID or passcode to access the functions of an MFP device, you may also need to make sure that you are logging in as part of a user domain. In particular, after a device has been shut down and restarted, the first user at the device may need to associate the device with a user domain.

Use the following procedure to set a device’s domain:

  1. On the device login screen, press the Domain button.
  2. On the Domain screen, press Refresh to update the domain list.
  3. Select Equitrac from the domain list.
  4. Press Save to return to the login screen.
  5. Log in to the device’s embedded application as normal.
    Note: Some devices refer to Domain as Realm, and as a result, the Domain button may appear as Realm on the Login screen. If the Realm button is visible, select it to access the Refresh button.