Registering the EIP Applet

You must run this applet for each Xerox® MFP on which you wish to register the EIP. This applet enables the DCE service to communicate with the MFP and installs the Release My Documents screen on the MFP.

  1. Open a command prompt, then change the directory to Program files\Nuance\Equitrac\Tools.
  2. Run the eqXeroxeipregistration.exe file with the following parameters:
    Parameter Description
    -i IP address of the Xerox® device
    -u Xerox® device Admin ID
    -p Xerox® device Admin password
    -r IP address of the Equitrac DCE server
    -v Registration view
    Note: You must add a space between the parameter and the text. For example, -i
    You can verify the registration file by typing "-v" at the end of the DCE IP address parameter to view the registration information.
  3. Close the command prompt.
    Note: The Admin ID and password must correspond to the ID and password already configured on the MFP.