Configuring Card Self-Registration

If you want users to self-register their swipe cards, you must enable this option in Web System Manager. When a user swipes an unregistered card for the first time at an MFP, they are required to login with valid User ID and Password. The User ID must already exist in CAS, or in the External authority defined to allow self-registration. The Password comes from one of the defined external authorities.
  1. Open Web System Manager, and navigate to System Configuration > Global Configuration Settings > Configuration > Security and Authentication > User authentication.
  2. Select one or more Authentication mechanisms:
    • Equitrac PINs – Select to connect an Equitrac print account with login information.
    • External user ID and password – Select to verify all user information outside of Equitrac.
    • Equitrac PIN with external password – Select if users swipe their cards for identification, and must also enter their domain user account password. Equitrac cross-checks the database for the corresponding Equitrac account name, then verifies the credentials against the selected external authority for network logon.
  3. In the Authentication options section, do the following:
    1. Set Secondary Prompt to either If PIN2 available or keyboard login or Only on keyboard login to ensure that the password is prompted during card registration.
    2. Select the Auto-register primary PINs check box. Optionally, you can select Register as alternate PIN to record the PIN as the Alternate PIN instead of the Primary PIN.
  4. Click Save to save the changes and close the User authentication dialog box.
  5. Navigate to Configuration > Security and Authentication > External authentication and select an External authority – Windows or LDAP.
    Refer to External User Authentication in the Kofax Equitrac Administration Help file for more details on setting up an external user authentication method.
The next time the user swipes the card, their account information is automatically associated with the card, and they can login without manually entering their user credentials. However, if Secondary prompt is set to Always in Web System Manager, and secondary PINs are set as required or the user has a secondary PIN stored in their profile, the user must enter the PIN or an external authority password after they swipe their card.
Note: Self-registration must be enabled through both Web System Manager and Xerox® Authentication Configuration.
After auto-registration has been configured in Web System Manager, proceed to Configuring Smart Card Through Xerox® Authentication to enable the user to self-register a card at the MFP.