Issue Cause Solution

Home key on an MFP was not enabled by Assign as home key application Device setting.

  • Device configuration may not be implemented yet for a particular MFP.
  • Install and Reboot action was performed previously.

You can enable the Home key manually on an MFP using the following procedure:

Need to manually configure SP Modes on a device.

SP Modes are normally configured by running on a device.

You can manually configure SP Modes on a device using the following procedure:

Tip: Also check if Baseline installation is an option and if it is inadvertently left as False.

When accessing workflows, the user cannot perform scan and You do not have the privileges to use this function message appears. SP Modes are set incorrectly.

You can manually configure SP Modes on a device using the following procedure:

You must set Admin. Authentication to Off.
Need to disable Print from USB on the MFP. Print from USB is not tracked and no quotas or limits are applied. You can manually disable print from USB/memory stick using the following procedure:
  • DRS fails to execute the Full Install action. Device is not reachable and requires a manual reboot to execute Full Install.
  • The message Device not reachable is received.
  • The TLS settings are changed on the device.
  • The IP address or the host name is not valid or the device is currently not visible on the network.
TLS versions must match service on the Controller and service on JavaVM. Complete the following procedure:
  1. Change the TLS settings on JavaVM or change the TLS settings on the Controller.
  2. Reboot the device.

For detailed instructions, see Change the TLS settings.

When running Client Installer, Please wait... Ricoh Persistence Provider message is pending (unknown error). The optional HDD from the device is missing. The optional HDD is required to be installed on SFP and various MFP devices (for example, SP C842DN and MP C306) in order for to be supported.
The Login button is not visible at the top right corner of the screen and the Welcome or Login screen is showing. The user is unable to login. Pressing the Stop button at Welcome screen takes user interface into restricted mode.

Complete the following procedure:

  1. Dismiss the Welcome screen by clicking the hamburger menu and selecting Administration from the drop-down list.
  2. Click the Continue Printing button to exit access restricted mode. The Login button is now visible at the top right corner of the Ricoh panel and the user is able to login.

The user receives an error when running Full Install, Quick Install with either Asset or Workflow Customization enabled or when trying to deploy the customization package or perform an Asset Sync.

The user receives the error Failed to install the customization package.

The user receives a similar error for Asset Sync.

This issue may occur due to an incorrect DRS Service URI setting which does not respect the TLS configuration of DRS. If DRS is configured with TLS enabled, then the URI needs to start with HTTPS. Otherwise, it should start with HTTP.
An error message occurs when selecting Refresh Status. Occurs due to a missing application package. Ensure that complete application package is uploaded.
After performing uninstallation, the device authentication settings were not reset completely in DRS. Administrator authentication is set to ON. Administrator authentication must be manually set to OFF to fully put the device back into factory settings.