Configuring Common Access Card Authentication solution

Unified Client for Ricoh Smart Operation Panel 1.1 supports Ricoh Common Access Card (CAC) v4 that has authentication capabilities and prevents unauthorized access to MFPs with Output Manager installed.

A US Department of Defense (DOD) CAC authentication solution provides US federal government customers with the ability to use their exiting ID cards with the solution, increasing user satisfaction, security and productivity. In this instance, Output Manager will operate when Authentication is set to False in the DRS application profile.
Note: The Authentication setting is only visible if a Print Manager is selected.

The CAC authentication solution provides the following benefits:

  • Easy to use turn-key solution

  • Holders of a valid CAC can perform copy, scan, fax, and/or document server functions
  • Card is inserted into CAC reader connected to MFP and PIN is entered
  • Upon successful authentication the multifunction device is unlocked for use

  • Scanning is restricted only to address book users and embedded destinations to prevent anonymous scan-to functions
  • After authentication user is automatically registered in MFP's address book.
Note: The following features are not supported with CAC login: Function Access Control (monochrome and color copy, scan and fax permissions and copy stop enforcement), Release All at login, Release First at login, Billing Codes at login, and Copy Rules (limit access).

Configuring and Using DRS for a CAC Device

Selection on the Ricoh SOP device – DRS Web client
  1. Open the http://<DRSIP>:9000/device.
  2. When selecting an Auth Off application in device, a Baseline Installation option is shown..
  3. Make sure you select the Baseline Installation as false.
DRS action steps
  1. Select the device which has CAC on it.
  2. Run action "Full Install”.