Restart the device

A restart of the device is recommended after installing or uninstalling new software. Follow these steps:
  1. Locate the physical on/off switch of the device, then press until the device screen displays a dialog indicating the device is shutting down.
    You can then release the button. The shutdown process may take as long as 7 minutes.
    Note: Once the screen shuts down, the device’s blue LED indicator light continues to flash. The device is not fully shut down until this light stops flashing.
  2. Once the device is fully shut down, press the on/off button again. The screen indicates the startup is in progress.
Depending upon the device’s setup, the main display will either show the Unified Client for Ricoh Smart Operation Panel 1.1 login screen, or if the embedded solution is not installed, the standard Ricoh Smart Operation Panel Home screen with option icons.