Configure SP Mode Settings

This procedure describes how to configure Service Provider (SP) modes. The SP Mode settings are normally configured by the Configure and Reboot Action Action. You can use this procedure to configure settings manually when a device does not allow Device Registration Service to configure SP Mode settings through the Action.

Important: This procedure requires working in Service Mode, which is typically performed by a Ricoh technician.
  1. On the Home screen, go to Printer (scroll screen) and press the Printer icon.
  2. Enter SOP Service Mode mode to complete the succeeding steps.
  3. Press System Sp (press 0 to change bit from 0 to 1, then # to save).
  4. Press SP Direct.

  5. In SP Direct type 5401230, then type #.
  6. Set the LSB to 1 by pressing zero 0 on keypad in CAC configuration.
    The last two digits should now be 1.
  7. Type # to save your changes.

    Image of SP Direct settings in system panel.
  8. Go to User Tools > Machine Features > System Settings > Administrator Tools > Administrator Authentication Management, and on the User Management tab, set Admin. Authentication to On.
    Image of Admin Authentication On.
  9. Go to User Tools > Machine Features > System Settings > Administrator Tools > User Authentication Management Setting, and on the Custom Auth. tab, enable LDAP authentication.
    Image of LDAP authentication enabled.
    The label LDAP authentication in step 8 will be changed to Custom authentication after the machine is rebooted.
  10. Configure the LDAP server.
  11. Enable Machine action when limit is reached in System Settings (Administration tools).

    Set this to Stop Job or Finish Job and Limit.

    Image of Machine Action When Limit is Reached.
  12. Enable the network by setting User tools > Login > Exit > Screen Features > Interface Settings > Set to Machine Network.
    Image of Interface Settings.

Note: The authentication logic customization feature becomes valid when the following condition is satisfied.

  1. Turn on Tracking Permission.