Enable home key settings

Use this procedure to manually enable the Home key when the Assign as home key application option in the Device settings fails to enable the Home key on an MFP.

The home key is disabled by default. This procedure describes how to enable this feature.
Important: This procedure requires working in Service Mode, which is typically performed by a Ricoh technician.
  1. On the SOP device, open the Printer application.
  2. Enter SOP Service Mode mode to complete the succeeding steps.
    If the SOP Service Mode screen does not appear, the foreground app may be covering the SOP Service Mode screen. Try closing the foreground app by pressing the Return or Home button.
  3. Press SYSTEM.
    SOP device Service screen.
  4. Press Screen Device Settings.
  5. Press Home Key Settings.
    This displays the Home Key settings screen.
    Image of the Home Key settings screen
  6. Press Home Key Application.
  7. On the Home Key Application screen, select the application that starts when a user presses the Home key.

    By default, this screen lists the Launcher, which is the Ricoh Home key application.

    Image of the default Launcher application on the Application screen.
  8. Log out of Service Mode.
  9. Reboot the device.