Add a new Device profile

This task explains how to create a Device profile. The profile enables you to manage Unified Client, AutoStore, Equitrac or Output Manager, and authentication settings on the Device through Device Registration Service.

  1. Open Device Registration Service web client in a supported internet browser window if it is not open already.
    If you are uncertain about how to do this, see Open the DRS web client.
  2. On the toolbar, click Devices.
  3. On the Devices toolbar, click the add button Add button.
  4. In the Name box, enter a name to uniquely label the Device profile.
  5. In the Address box, type an IP address for the MFP or MFD to associate it with this Device profile.
    This option is specific to a Device and does not appear when you configure properties for a Device group.
  6. In the Username box, type the administrator user name for the Device.
    The default is admin.
    The user name is not required to complete a profile, but may be required to perform Actions on a device.
  7. In the Password box, type the password associated with the user name.
  8. In the Application box, select the Application to associate with the Device profile.
    The Application setting specifies an Application profile listed on the Applications tab. This defines the client type and server configurations for a device.
  9. Edit settings for the Application Device type. Refer to one of the following topics for Device configuration details for a particular client.
  10. Click the save button Save button on the Add Device toolbar.