Working with client packages

Client packages contain all client files that will be installed by a Device Action on Device. Packages uploaded to Device Registration Service appear on the web client Files tab. Packages listed on this tab can be specified by the Application/Client Package option in the Device profile for a Device Registration Service Device. If the Device profile settings do not include the Application/Client Package option, then client packages are not supported for the device type.

Device installation packages are typically downloaded from the Equitrac Partner Portal or from the Web Licensing Portal. After you download a client package, you upload it to the Device Registration Service. This copies the package files to the plug-in folder for the device type.

In the Device Registration Service web client, select the correct Device Type on the Files tab, and then click the Upload button to upload the client package files. During an upload, a selected file is copied to the corresponding device type folder in the Device Registration Service Plugins folder:

C:\Program Files\Nuance\Device Registration Service\Service\Plugins

The following plug-in folders are currently added the Plugins folder during the installation of the Device Registration service.

Table 1. Device plug-in folders
Device Type* Plug-in folder
Unified Client for Epson v1.0 NSi.DeviceManagement.Plugins.Epson
Combined Client for Konica Minolta NSi.DeviceManagement.Plugins.Konica
Combined Client for Ricoh NSi.DeviceManagement.Plugins.Ricoh
Unified Client for Ricoh Smart Operation Panel 1.1 NSi.DeviceManagement.Plugins.RicohSOP
Unified Client for Xerox EIP Connect NSi.DeviceManagement.Plugins.XeroxEx

You can view the uploaded files by clicking the refresh button on the Files tab. Files referenced in one of the XML group definition files will appear in a group folder. Unreferenced files appear in the Ungrouped folder. The groups shown here are listed in the Application Package option in the Device settings for the associated device type.

* Note that creation of folders in this location does not signify availability of client installation packages for a particular Unified or Combined Client.