Import Device information

This task explains how to import Device information into Device Registration Service from Output Manager or a CSV file.

The Application name and type specified for an imported Device must match the name and type of an existing Application on the DRS server where you want to import a Device. The import will fail for a Device if there is no Application on the server with the name and type specified in the DRS Device export file. In a DRS export file, the Application name and type correspond to the values specified in a Device entry by the ApplicationProfile and DeviceType fields.
  1. In your web browser, open the Device Registration Service web client.
    For more information, see Open the DRS web client.
  2. Click Devices.
  3. Click the import button Import devices button on the Devices toolbar and select the import method:
    Click To
    Import from OM

    Import Device information from the Output Manager server.

    Type the address of the Output Manager server, select the Application profile, and click Import from OM. Device Registration Service only imports Devices that are marked as Unified Client Devices in Output Manager.

    Import from file

    To import Device information from a CSV file that was contains previously exported Device information.

    Browse to the CSV file and click Upload.

    The Import Results window shows success or failure for each Device that was specified in the DRS export file and a message for Devices that were not imported successfully.
  4. Close the Import Results window after you review the results of the import.
  5. If necessary, edit properties for imported Devices.
    For more information, see Edit a Device
Imported Devices are always added to the root Devices folder. After you successfully import a Device, you can optionally drag it to a group folder with the same Application profile. For more information, see Add an existing Device to a Device group.