Add an Application profile

This task describes how to add an Application profile in Device Registration Service.

  1. Open Device Registration Service web client in a supported internet browser window if it is not open already.
    If you are not certain about how to do this, see Open the DRS web client.
  2. On the toolbar, click Applications.
  3. On the Applications toolbar, click the add button Add button.
  4. In the Name box, enter a name to uniquely label the Application.
    This displays Application settings that depend on the selected Application type.
  5. In the Application Type box, choose the client type.
  6. Configure settings for the selected device type. Click one of the following topics for details.
  7. After you finish configuring settings for the Application, click the save button Save button on the toolbar.
The new Application profile is listed in the Applications pane. You can now refer to it with the Application setting in Device profiles.