Add resources

Complete the steps in this procedure to create Output Manager resources.

The resources created in the Resource Manager dialog box can be used in business rule and output process actions.

  1. On the Output Manager Console menu bar click Tools > Resource Manager.
    This opens the Resource Manager dialog box.
  2. In the Resource type list, select the resource type you want to create.
  3. Click New. This opens a dialog box that displays options depending on the selected Resource type.
    Resource Options
    CpMillUnitLibrary Javascript programs used for Advanced Document Modification. Displays the Configure Unit Library dialog box.
    CpMillProfile Text files describing transform configuration data for specific file formats. Displays the Configure Filter Profile dialog box.
    Banner Text files used for banners or trailers that may contain document properties. Displays the Banner Resource dialog box.
    PrinterControlFile Reserved for printer control files, not presently used. Displays the PrinterControlFile Resource dialog box.
    FCB Form Control Block used by DCOs for various record conversions. Displays the FCB Resource dialog box.
    CsvDocProp Comma separated values representing document properties. Displays the CsvDocProp Resource dialog box.
    Binary Binary files used by output process actions. Displays the Binary Resource dialog box.
    Text Text files used by output process actions. Displays the Text Resource dialog box.
    Ini Displays the Ini Resource dialog box.
  4. Click OK.