Configure Filter Profile dialog box

Use this dialog when you need to create a custom profile for handling a specific data format. You can access this dialog box on the Filter profiles tab of the Transform Package dialog box, or when you configure a CpMillProfile in the Resource Manager dialog box.


Specifies the data type of the filter profile.

Create new profile

Specifies if you want to create a new filter profile or modify the selected profile. When a default profile is displayed, this option is selected by default. Check the box and rename the profile to create.


Specifies the filter profile name.


Includes a description of the filter profile.


Includes any comments to be stored with the filter profile. Click in the box to enter and view comments.

Filter profile

Defines the filter profile. In most cases, it is best to use the default filter profiles. If you use a third-party transform package to convert formats, refer to the third-party documentation for more information. We recommend contacting Support for assistance with advanced configuration of filter profiles.

To go to a specific line, right-click in the box and click Go To (or press Ctrl+G). In the box that displays, enter the line number and click OK. The line will be highlighted in the Resource Editor.

To find specific text, right-click in the box and click Find and Replace (or press Ctrl+F) to display the search dialog box.