Server and MFP requirements

To enable the Equitrac Embedded solution, you must obtain the following:

  • Equitrac Software - Equitrac Embedded for Xerox ECSP requires configuration of the MFPs and Equitrac core accounting server (CAS). For detailed information about setting up and configuring Equitrac, see the Kofax ControlSuite Installation Help file.
  • ECSP-enabled Xerox MFPs - Visit for a list of supported MFP models.
  • One Network Accounting Enablement Option per Xerox MFP - Only required if you are tracking copy, scan, or fax usage through Xerox Secure Access. This licensable device option obtained from Xerox enables the Xerox® MFP to automatically track print, scan, server fax and copy usage for each account.
  • Open communications between the Xerox MFP and the DWS - To enable communication between the MFP and the server, copier access to the server requires ports 2939, 8080 and 8443.