Create and Edit Departments

If you use Active Directory Services (ADS) to create User Accounts from synchronized directories, you do not need to create departments within Equitrac first. The field mapping options in the ADS Import dialog box will automatically create departments, if mapped. See Importing Users with Active Directory Services.

To create a Department, do the following:

  1. In Accounts, select Departments and click Add department.
  2. Enter the following information in the fields provided.

Field Description
Department name Name logged to the database to track the account (required field).
Description Text description that appears in Accounts Manager to help identify the department.
Paid balance Optionally enter an amount of additional funds to be used if the Allotted balance goes below zero. Funds added to this balance are supplied by a source other than those allotted to the Department.
Allotted balance Enter an amount for the Department balance. Print jobs for the department’s users are logged against this account, which decreases after every job until the minimum balance is reached.
Minimum balance If the balance drops below the minimum, the departments’ users are not able to release their print jobs and receive error notifications instead. To enforce the minimum balance, see Account Charging and Limits.
Initial balance Enter the amount to be used as the default initial balance for auto-created user accounts. See Creating Users Automatically.
Account Locked When enabled, transactions are not charged to this department and users belonging to the department cannot print. See Locking Accounts.
Do not enforce account limits for users in this department Enable this setting if you want particular users to print even if they exceed their minimum balance. You can create a department and assign these users to this department. This setting overrides the Enforce Account Limits setting and the Minimum balance option located in this dialog box.
Do not enforce color quotas for users in this department Enable this setting to allow all users within this department to continue to output color jobs even if they exceed their color quota remaining amount. See Setting Color Quotas.
PIN Information If users within this department enter PIN codes on a control terminal, enter a Primary PIN and an optional secondary PIN. The primary PIN identifies the user, and the secondary PIN is used as a password. See Implementing PINs.
Workflows and containers Enable this setting to display the list of Departmental scan workflows and workflow containers. When enabled, you can Activate the desired workflows and containers. Workflows in black text can override the global setting. Grey text workflows cannot be applied until they are made Active at the global level. See Configuring Workflows.
Enabled Billing Codes If you are using billing codes, add the billing code(s) to assign to this department. See Enabling Billing Codes.
Note: If Billing code access is set to All codes, the Billing codes section does not appear in the Add Department dialog box. See Enabling System-Wide Billing Code Access.
Managers Departments can have multiple managers. Managers can add users to assign them to a department. Managers do not need to be members of the department.

  1. Click Save to save the changes.

Equitrac adds the department to the accounting database and places it in the list of available departments.