Enable Department Charging

Once you establish the need for Departments, you can create the accounts, and enable system-wide department charging. If you create the accounts, but forget to enable the charging per department, the individual users accounts are charged for the transactions, rather than the Department. If you plan to simply track by department, but not charge by department, do not enable this option. You can run reports that show Department usage, but individual User Accounts are charged for their transactions.
  1. Open a web browser and enter https://CAS.address/EQWebClient in the Address bar
  2. In System Configuration, select Global Configuration Settings > Accounting and Quotas > Charging, Limits and Precision, and ensure that the Charge to department if available checkbox is selected.
    When a user submits a job request, CAS checks the database to see if department charging is enabled. If so, CAS confirms the department that the user belongs to, then charges all transaction costs to the Department rather than the User Account.

Not all users within Equitrac must belong to a department. If CAS cannot locate a department for a user, User Account charging is applied instead. You can therefore create charging scenarios that use both User charging and Department charging.