Manually Adding and Configuring a Physical Device

When you add and configure printers using the Add Printer wizard on a print server, Equitrac automatically adds the device to the CAS database when the printer port contacts DRE.

DRE registers a print queue and port for the physical device with the Equitrac database the first time a user prints to that device.

Note: Ensure that you apply licenses before managing devices in Windows and configuring devices in Web System Manager. After Equitrac is licensed, printing a job to the printer or restarting the DRE service registers the devices and populates Web System Manager.

To manually add and configure a physical device, do the following:

  1. In Devices, select Physical Devices.
  2. On the Physical Devices page, click the Add Physical Device button.
  3. In the General Settings section, enter a Name, Hostname/IP address, and Description for the physical device.
  4. Select the appropriate Manufacturer and Model for the physical device from the drop-down lists.
  5. Set the color capability of the device in the Monochrome Settings field. If you want all printed documents to be counted as black & white, even when color is printed, set its value to Monochrome.
  6. Select a Location for the physical device. If there are no locations listed in the drop-down list, select Create Locationand enter a new location name for the device.
  7. Select an SNMP Configuration set from the drop-down list. See Configuration SNMP Communication.
  8. Change the Settings, as required:

Physical Device Settings Description
Rule set Apply a routing rule to jobs that are sent to this device. If the job attributes match the routing rule, the rule is applied. See Routing Rules.
Tracking behavior for transactions on this device
  • Select Track activity and page counts when you want to run a report to track the queuing history of a job (printed, deleted, or expired), and record the page count in the database.
  • Select Track activity but not page counts when you want to run a report to track the queuing history of a job (printed, deleted, or expired), but do not want to record the page count in the database.
  • Select Do not track activity or page counts when you do not want to track print or copy activity at the device, but you still want to control access to the device.
DME server If you installed the DME component, select the DME server that you want to manage this device. The device appears in the DME console, and you can track the device status from there. See Device Monitoring with DME.
Secure printing default Select System default to use the global secure printing default for new devices and existing physical devices on upgrade. Select Enabled or Disabled to override the system default setting for the edited device.
Pull group Leave the default setting unless you are setting up Print pull groups. See Managing Device Pull Groups for details.
Labels Select the Label for grouping the device from the list or create a label.
Note: By default, new physical devices that appear in Web System Manager are tracked in the Equitrac database and pull a device license. If you do not want a license associated with a device, or do not want Equitrac to track transactions at the device, set the Tracking behavior to "Do not track activity or page counts".

  1. Click Save to save the physical device configuration settings.