Troubleshooting tips

Problem Description Solution
Client cannot connect to the Send to PC component on an AutoStore server.
  • Check if the client and server computers are running Microsoft TCP/IP installed. If not, install the TCP/IP protocol.
  • Check if the client computer can ping the server computer (via IP address) using ping server_ip_address. If there is no response, then your computer is probably configured incorrectly or there is a problem with the physical network connection of your computer.
  • Check to make sure that the Registration and File Transmit ports on the server and client match.
  • Make sure that the File Transmit Port port specified in the Advanced dialog box is not blocked by a firewall. You can check by using the Windows Telnet Client on the client to connect using the specified port. Refer to Windows Help and Support for information about installing and using the Telnet Client.
  • Make sure that the port does not conflict with another application running on the server.