ControlSuite overview
Preparing to install ControlSuite
Installing ControlSuite
Configuring ControlSuite
The Configuration Assistant walks you through the setup of databases, services, security and authentication, and licensing the ControlSuite solution. The configuration assistant must be completed in order, and as you complete the steps, the navigation menu items becomes "active", and you can click on any completed section to review or make changes as needed.
Licensing ControlSuite
A license server must be installed on at least one system in your deployment. All ControlSuite components pull licenses from this license server and maintain local "license cache" so that they can stay licensed for 7 days if connection to license server is lost. All licensing is performed in the Configuration Assistant for all products. The license information can be viewed within the individual products consoles, but cannot be changed in this view. ControlSuite utilizes a Licensing Entitlement Portal where license servers, accounts and users are managed, and license entitlements are activated and deployed.
Reset the Security Framework Service password
Backup and restore the Security Framework Service node
Remove a node from the Security Framework Service
Uninstall ControlSuite
ControlSuite System Requirements
This section describes minimum requirements for the various ControlSuite components (Equitrac, AutoStore and Output Manager). Specific requirements depend on the number of servers in a deployment, operating systems, expected production volume, and other applications in the environment.
Equitrac Communication Port Reference
The following table describes port usage in Equitrac environment.
AutoStore Communication Port Reference
The following tables describe port usage in an AutoStore environment.
Output Manager Communication Port Reference
The following table describes port usage in an Output Manager environment:
DRS Communication Port Reference
The following tables provide general information on ports and protocols for DRS server and unified or combined clients. The component Help files contain information on configuring the components.
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