General tab

Activate the component and configure database information on this tab.

Option Description

Select this check box to enable Workflow Tracker process component.

This component provides three state "activation” check box. The three states of the field are:

  • Active (check box ON) — The component is active for all workflow jobs.
  • Inactive (check box OFF) — The component is inactive for all workflow jobs.
  • Conditionally Active (Activate button double-clicked and check box is Grayed ON) — The component becomes active only if the conditional statement is True.

The Activate check box is beneficial when your process involves creation of device function keys. This component can be turned ON or OFF per device function key by using the Activate check box.

Data Source

Provide the data source name that you want to use (such as Microsoft Access). This is a required field.

Select the ellipses to enter the name of the data source. You can also enter a Keep alive command. By entering a command, the connection to the data source is kept alive by automatically running the entered command at intervals.

User Name

Enter the user name to log in to the data source.


Enter the password to log into the data source.

Table Name

Select the table name that will be connected to in the database. This is a required field.

Image Field Name

Select the field in the table in which to save images. This field has to be a large binary field (BLOB). The process will fail at run time if you specify any other field type. This field must be configured.

If you need to create new fields in the database, switch to the Field Values tab and click Add.