Document Properties tab (Modify Document)

Use this tab to configure the document properties during Advanced Document Modification for a business rule.

Properties grid

Configure the document properties by clicking directly in the grid.

Document Property column — Lists the property values that can be configured. The properties are grouped into the following categories: Basic options, Media selection, Document, Image adjustments, Finishing, and Other properties. To expand a category, click the down arrow next to a category name. To collapse a category, click the up arrow.

Under each category are the print preferences/document properties that belong to that group. The first node level in the categories determine the print preferences for the properties it contains. On the print preference node, you select how the property should be applied when a document is sent to a destination. Under each print preference are the parameters needed to generate that print preference.

Mode column — Specifies how to apply the property value. Click in the cell and choose one of the following options:

  • Always Apply — Always applies the specified property value. Output Manager will add commands to the print stream to enforce the print preference. If the document already contains commands for that print preference, Output Manager will modify the commands to work with the printer family where the document is being sent.
  • Apply Conditionally — Applies the property value conditionally. Output Manager will only add or modify commands for the print preference when the printer family that the document is destined for is different from the printer family the document was originally designed for.
  • Informational Only — Output Manager makes no changes to the print stream when the document is sent to the destination. The value is for informational purposes only.
  • Value Not Set — No value is set for the property.

Value column — Specifies the document property value. Click directly in the cell to change the value. You can use functions to insert and extract data as necessary.