About secure document release

Secure document release (SDR) holds jobs in the print queue until a user releases them from the MFP panel. When CAS is configured to support SDR, users can view a Follow-You Printing screen on the MFP via the Release My Documents option. This screen displays queued print jobs for the current user. The user can select one or more jobs and release or delete them directly from the MFP front panel.

If you enable multi-server Follow-You Printing on the CAS, the user can view print jobs on other servers also. For additional information on multi-server Follow-You Printing, refer to the Advanced Printing Configuration chapter in the Kofax Equitrac Administration Help file.
Note: When the Follow-You Printing extension is not configured, the Follow-You Printing screens are not available on the MFP panel and the user cannot select individual jobs for release. After the user authenticates, all jobs are released from the local or home server or workstation client.