List of Terms

The following unigue terms are used within this guide.
Term Description
Alternate Primary PIN A sequence of personal identification numbers that uniquely identifies a user who wants to release a print job. The alternate primary PIN can be data encoded on a magnetic swipe card or entered into an MFP keypad.
Authentication The process of entering a primary and optional secondary personal identification number to gain access to a controlled MFP. Users can authenticate via a card reader, or through the MFP control panel.
Core Accounting Server (CAS) CAS is a core component of Equitrac. This service controls the accounting database that stores all printer, user, department, transaction and balance information. The CAS also verifies users, calculates printing charges and assigns charges to an appropriate user or department.
Device Control Engine (DCE) A core component of Equitrac, DCE communicates with terminals that control access to MFPs.

Document Routing Engine (DRE)

A core component of Equitrac, DRE enables document flow from workstations to output devices. When a job is released, the DRE captures the job characteristics and communicates the characteristics to the CAS.
Device Web Server (DWS) DWS acts as a virtual web server, and brokers communication between an Sharp OSA and Equitrac’s Device Control Engine (DCE).
Follow-You Printing An secure printing feature that holds print jobs in a virtual print queue until the user “pulls” the print job to a selected device. A user can select a particular printer when they submit a print request, then walk to an entirely different compatible MFP and pull the job to that device.
Follow-You Printing screen An application on the MFP when the Follow-You Printing extension is configured. Users can select one or more jobs from different print servers.

Multi-server Follow-You

A secure printing feature that extends the Equitrac Follow-You functionality to allow users to view and release secure print jobs from different print servers.

Print Tracking

The ability to track the attributes of a released network print job. For example, number of pages, page size, color, etc. You can configure Equitrac Embedded for Sharp OSA to track printing through the embedded device or through a printer port.

Primary PIN

A sequence of numbers that act as a user ID to uniquely identify an Equitrac user. The primary PIN can be entered on the MFP keypad.
Secondary PIN A sequence of numbers that act as a password when used in conjunction with a Primary PIN. After entering the Primary PIN, the user must enter the Secondary PIN code on a MFP keypad before accessing the device or applications. Secondary PINs are an optional configuration.
Secure Document Release (SDR) An Equitrac feature that holds network print jobs in a secure virtual print queue. Users must authenticate at an MFP to release jobs from the secure queue. The goal of secure printing is to ensure that proprietary information does not sit at an output device for public consumption.