Product Overview

This product is an embedded application for select Canon MEAP iR-ADV devices. It provides a custom front panel user interface for authenticated user access to the device—for job control and tracking, and Follow-You Printing. The product works in conjunction with an Equitrac server.

Features for user access include:

  • Authentication against the Equitrac Core Accounting Server (CAS)
  • Support for Primary, Secondary and Alternate PINs
  • Server-based licensing
  • Offline support
  • Separate user and administrator login privileges
  • USB card reader support for identification and authentication
  • Full USB keyboard support for workflows at the MFP

Features for job control and tracking include:

  • Copy tracking, with account limit enforcement through Copy Stop
  • Scan tracking, with account limit enforcement at login
  • Fax tracking (incoming and outgoing) with account limit enforcement at login on outgoing faxes
  • Power failure protection for billing integrity

Features for Follow-You Printing

  • Secure Document Release (SDR) with authenticated login
  • Full multi-server Follow-You print release from multiple Equitrac print servers
  • Release key
  • Force Monochrome (available with server configuration)
  • Print and Save
  • Set number of copies to print

Once Equitrac Embedded for Canon MEAP is installed on the device—and properly licensed and configured—the application fully secures the console login on the device. The web interface is secured with user ID and password logins. Authenticating the user allows the embedded application to report user job activity to the CAS server, and facilitate access to the Secure Document Release application.