Creating Advanced Print/Copy Price Lists

To create a new advanced price list, do the following:

  1. In System Configuration, select Pricing, and then select Advanced from the Add Price List drop-down list.
  2. Enter a Name for the price list. When you need to assign price lists to devices, you can identify the price list by this name. Ensure that the name is somewhat descriptive, so you recognize the attributes when you assign them to devices. Each price list must have a unique name.
  3. Enter a Description for the price list. You can use the description field to differentiate two similar advanced price lists. For example, you might have two price lists that are identical except for page size. Use the description field to make note of the page size.
  4. In the Job attributes section, do the following:
    1. Set the Base price to be used as a processing fee. Equitrac charges the base price to all print/copy jobs. This price is optional.
    2. To set the Finishing operations (such as, Punching, Binding, Stapling, Folding, Trimming, Stitching, and Wrapping), click the Edit icon and enter the Price for each operation.
    3. The Basis column is not editable, therefore per job or per copy is a fixed attribute for each operation.
  5. Set the Page Detail Pricing for a specific combination of page attributes. Equitrac compares each page in a print job request to these attributes. If all the page attributes match, the price for that page is determined by the rule. If no rule matches, the default page price is used instead.
    1. Set the Default page price to apply the default price to every page that does not match the page detail pricing rule.
    2. Click Add to create a new pricing rule.
    3. In the Add Page Detail Pricing dialog, click any attribute, and select an option from its drop-down list.
    4. Enter a Price for the page detail pricing rule.
    5. Click OK to close the Add Page Detail Pricing dialog.
  6. Surcharges are optional additional charges based on Raster Image Processing (RIP), specific accounts or departments, or time of day. See Setting Surcharges for more information on how surcharges affect the total job cost.
  7. Click Save.
Note: The Col-type column only applies to Equitrac Embedded devices that support color coverage pricing. For example, Xerox T1 applies to transactions collected through Equitrac Embedded for Xerox.
Note: Some options available in Page detail pricing cannot be applied to every device supported by Equitrac. For example, the Color > single option is supported by select Aficio models and the Ricoh ACM model. Fully test your configuration options before you operate Equitrac in a live production environment.