Deployment steps

  1. Prepare for deployment.
    1. Verify that your HP device is supported.
    2. Verify prerequisites.
    3. Download the Kofax ControlSuite 1.1 fix pack 2 (or later) installer package.
  2. Install and configure ControlSuite.
    1. Install ControlSuite for AutoStore and Equitrac, AutoStore only, or Equitrac only.
    2. Configure ControlSuite and DRS.
    3. License ControlSuite. If AutoStore is installed, license AutoStore.
  3. Set up DRS.
    1. Create application.
    2. Add the device.
    3. Install and configure.
  4. Configure the HP device.

    Refer to the HP device documentation for more information on completing the following steps:

    1. Verify that previous Kofax applications are cleared.
    2. Ensure that the HP device has a valid SSL certificate.
    3. Verify and confirm the Domain Name System (DNS) configuration.
    4. Ensure that SSL/TLS is enabled. Use the HP Secure by Default settings. Contact your HP support representative for the latest settings or visit the Secure by Default Initiative Technical Whitepaper for more information.
  5. Create your first AutoStore scan workflow.
    1. Configure Send to Folder workflow.
  6. Create your first Equitrac print workflow.
    1. Configure Follow-You Printing.