Actions reference

Actions that can be performed from the Device Registration Service for a Unified Client for Brother device. An action can be performed on a single device or on all devices in a group.

To perform an action, first select a device on the Device tab in the Device Registration Service web console. Then, in the box at the top of the Details pane, click an available action to perform on the device and click the run button .

The actions include:

Action Description
Install and Configure

Installs the Unified Client for Brother client application on the Brother device and registers it with the DWS.

Before you change the Application setting for previously registered client applications, you should first run the Uninstall and Delete Action before you specify a different Application for the Device.

Uninstall and Delete

Removes the Unified Client for Brother client application from the device and deregisters it from the DWS. If the primary DWS is offline during this action, DRS will try to use a backup DWS to run this action.

Update Configuration

Pushes failover configuration to DWS nodes that were offline during initial installation of a device.

The primary DWS must be online for this action to succeed. If a backup DWS is offline during installation, it is critical that you run the Update Configurationaction once is it online again, to get the failover configuration.

When a system is set up for failover, all nodes must be online during a configuration change to ensure that they all receive the update.

Note: If Manual Device Configuration is used to install device, failover is not supported. You need to manually configure the device. See Manual Device Configuration.