License ControlSuite

  1. From the Configuration Assistant Licensing page, click the Open Kofax Customer Portal link to get access to the Kofax Entitlement Portal. Alternatively, open a web browser and enter to access the Kofax Customer Portal.
  2. Login with your account credentials and Serial number. The login information can be found in the order confirmation email. For assistance registering and setting up an account, please see our knowledge base article on the Kofax (electronic Fulfillment) Delivery Site.
  3. Enter your License Server Name and ID. This information is found on the Configuration Assistant Licensing page your ControlSuite installation.
  4. Enter your License Server ID into the Kofax Licensing Platform.
  5. The system sends an email confirming that license registration was successful.
    Note: To modify licensing, contact Kofax Technical Support.