Create a rule to add a stamp

  1. On the Rules and Routing screen, expand the newly created rule set.
  2. Click Add rule.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the rule.
  4. In the Type list, select Apply this rule to server and workstation direct IP printing. This is the default.
  5. In the Action list, select Add userstamp.
  6. In the Stamp text field, enter the text you want to use for the stamp.
    One ControlSuite feature is the ability to insert variable data into Equitrac userstamps and pass this variable into AutoStore. This is similar to using RRT codes in AutoStore. You can use the following list of codes to add variable data to Equitrac userstamps.
    Escape Code Description
    %n Document name.
    %o Job owner.
    %j Job ID.
    %d Destination device.
    %s Source device (same as destination device, assuming there is no document routing).
    %p Readable document properties string.
    %% Displays a single readable % in the custom message.
    %a Date.
    %t Time.
    %b Account balance after printing.
    %c Cost of the job.
    %f Full user name.
    %q Remaining color quota after printing.
  7. In the Location on page list, select the location for the stamp.
  8. In the Font name list, select the font you want to use for the stamp.
  9. In the Font size list, select the size you want to use for the stamp.
  10. Select Include Timestamp if you want to add a timestamp.
  11. In the Page edge offset field, enter a value.
  12. Click in the Font color field, and in the Hex field, enter the value of the font color you want to use. Click OK.
  13. Click Add Condition and complete the following:
    1. On the Add Rule Condition window, select the condition you want to use for the rule. .
    2. In the Condition Details section, select the any conditions you want to use as part of the rule.
    3. Click Add Condition.
  14. On the Rule window, click Save.