Configuring the Document Writer component

Configure the component settings in this window.

The component configuration window contains the following settings:

Option Description
Activate Activate the component according to a condition.

For more information about conditions, see Conditional Activation.

Pass through Set this option to Yes to pass the original document to subsequent components in the workflow. If this option is not set to No, the component won't pass the input documents to the subsequent components in the chain.

You can use conditions in this field (see Conditional Activation).

Note: If you enter an invalid condition into Pass through box, the activation is Yes by default.
Text template This group of settings contains the window for entering the desired text to the generated document and the controls for managing the generated document.
Use this button to insert the separate line into the document text.
Import file as template Click this button to load a template file. It will be inserted into the text window.
File name Enter the name of the output file.
File extension Enter the extension of the output file.
Replace invalid characters with "_" Select this check box to replace the possible invalid characters for the file name that can be passed to the component by way of RRTs.
Encoding Select the encoding of the output file.