Use handwritten signatures

You can place a handwritten signature to your document - it is treated as a stamp but it does not appear in the Stamps panel. It is listed in the Comments panel where it can be reviewed, commented and more.

Tip SignSign (Sign icon) or Certify (Certify icon) tool to place digital signatures that do provide security.
Tip Select Security > Sign and Certify > Handwritten Signature > Manage to call the Manage Handwritten Signatures dialog box. It lists all handwritten signatures you have created. Buttons below the list let you add a new signature, delete or rename an existing one, and select which signature should be the default: indicated with a signature icon to the left of the name.

Create a handwritten signature

  1. Select Place or Manage and then Add to call the Add Handwritten Signature dialog box so you can create a signature.
  2. Select a creation method for the signature from the list box. The following part of the dialog box changes, depending on your choice:
    • Draw my signature: Set a color and line width, then draw the signature in the panel provided.

    • Type my signature: Select a font, color and attributes, then type the signature text in the edit box.

    • Import an image as my signature: Scan your signature to an image file and browse to locate the file. This is the recommended choice.

  3. When the signature is defined, name it and click OK.

The signature recently created will not be placed automatically in your current document, you need to place it manually.

For more information, see Sign a document with Kofax SignDoc - Signature.

Place an existing handwritten signature

  1. Click the down arrow right to the Handwritten Signature tool (Handwritten Signature icon) at Security > Sign and Certify.
  2. Select Place from the drop-down list to place such a signature in your current document.

    Note Click Manage to manage your collection of handwritten signatures and add new ones.

    The mouse pointer turns to a crosshair.
  3. Click (and hold the mouse button) with the crosshair mouse pointer and draw a rectangle on the page big enough to contain a handwritten signature.

    The Identity Setup dialog box appears.

  4. Your current login name appears in the Login Name field. Provide supplementary information in the fields below.
  5. Optionally, select Don't show again to prevent this dialog show up next time.
  6. Click Complete.

    Your handwritten signature shows up filling the area.

Note Click the signature area to reveal its borders and handlers. You may drag the signature to another position.

For more information, see Sign a document with Kofax SignDoc - Signature.