About filtering and sorting comments

The list of comments in the Comments panel can be temporarily shortened by a range of filters. They can also be sorted by a range of criteria

Comment filtering

The drop-down list of the Filter tool (Filter icon) gives a range of possibilities. The commands are applied not only to the comment listing, but the comment display on the document pages.

  • Hide/Show all comments – Empty or restore the full comment list in the Comments panel . Hiding comments in the document closes all open comment frames leaving only the note icons visible. Showing the comments again does not restore these comment frames; they should be opened one-by-one as desired by double-clicking the comment icon.

  • Show by Type – Select between All Types, Notes, Drawing Markup Tools, Text Editing Markup Tools, Stamps, Attachments (applies only to those added as comments). Use All Types to restore the full list.

  • Show by Reviewer – Select from all the authors of comments in the document. Use this to view only comments from a defined person.

  • Show by Status – Select a review status (None, Accepted, Rejected, Canceled, Completed) or a migration status (None, Confirmed, Not Confirmed).
  • Show by Checkmark – Select from Checked and Unchecked, Checked, Unchecked.

Comment sorting

The drop-down list of the Sort tool (Sort icon) gives a range of possibilities. Sorting relates only to the comment list. The default value is Page. Other choices are:

  • Type

  • Page

  • Author

    Note Sorting by Author functions only if author names are available.

  • Date

  • Color

  • Checkmark Status
    Note Sorting by checkmarks allows you to see a customized listing.