Create PDF files in Microsoft PowerPoint

PDF creation from integrated applications requires integration to be enabled during installation.

Note If the Kofax PDF tab is not displayed, consult the Troubleshooting topic.

PDF Create provides a Kofax PDF tab for Microsoft PowerPoint with the following tools.

Create PDF button Create PDF

Generate a PDF file from the current Word document, transferring the hyperlinks, bookmarks, comments and document information (metadata) to the PDF file according to the Creation Settings. Using the File/Print menu results in a PDF file without these elements. Because of the additional processing, this type of conversion might be slightly slower.

Create PDF and e-mail icon Create PDF and E-mail

Create and save a PDF and also have a copy as attached to a new empty e-mail message, ready to be sent.

Creation Settings icon Creation Settings

Opens the Kofax PDF Settings for PowerPoint dialog box. Use this to set transfer of bookmarks, links, comments and metadata from PowerPoint to the resulting PDF file and also to create a tagged PDF and access the Kofax PDF Create Properties dialog box under Advanced Settings.

To create a PDF from PowerPoint, proceed with the steps below.

  1. Apply basic settings before PDF creation
  2. Start PDF creation

Apply basic settings before PDF creation

  1. Click the Creation Settings tool in the Kofax PDF tab.
  2. Ensure that the check boxes for adding bookmarks, comments and links to the PDF output are set to your preferences.
  3. Select Embed Metadata on the Advanced Settings tab to transfer existing document information (metadata) to the PDF.

    Note Embedding metadata overrides any information added manually through the Document Settings dialog box.

  4. Click the Advanced Settings button on the Advanced Settings tab to access settings for compression, fonts, security, watermarks, and more.

    • Tagging a lengthy PDF may take several minutes. Select this option only if you really need a tagged PDF.

    • You can also display the Kofax PDF Properties dialog box if you select the Kofax PDF printer driver in the Print dialog box and then click Properties.

Start PDF creation

  1. Click Create PDF or Create PDF and E-mail on the Kofax PDF tab, or use the corresponding menu items.
  2. Accept or change the default target folder and file name in the Save As dialog box.
  3. To add metadata manually, select Document Settings, and click Edit.

    Edit basic metadata information or add custom values as you prefer in the Document Information page on the Document Settings dialog box.

    See Document Properties dialog box for details.

  4. Select View resulting PDF in the Save As dialog box to have the PDF document displayed automatically.