Pages panel

The Pages panel is available from the Panel bar when you select the Pages panel tool.

Pages icon If you do not see the Pages panel tool, right-click in an empty area on the Panel bar to select it.

Thumbnails are displayed on the Pages Panel. A thumbnail is a miniature of the page image. A set of thumbnails gives you an overview of your PDF document. The thumbnail of the current page is shown with a blue border and a red frame dynamically indicates which part of the page is currently displayed in the Document Panel. Resize the red frame to change the page display.

Note Page-level operations are always carried on the selected page.

In addition to quick navigation, use this panel for document assembly. Right-click the panel or click the Options button at the top of the panel, and select to

  • Create new pages

  • Insert files at a set location

  • Extract or copy pages

  • Delete pages

  • Crop pages

  • Rotate pages

  • Number pages

  • Print pages

  • Embed page thumbnails, remove embedded thumbnails

  • Enlarge / reduce page thumbnails

  • Hide or display the pan box

  • Set page properties for tab order and defining actions

For more details, see Page-level operations and Thumbnail operations.

Tip The Pages panel allows only whole-page operations. An alternative is Document Assembly view, that additionally allows selected items inside pages to be copied or moved between pages and documents.