About Create Assistant

Use Create Assistant to create PDF files from a set of source files that come from a variety of applications, including existing PDF files. Each file can be converted to a separate PDF, or a group of files can be combined in listed order into a single PDF. Files can also be overlaid or packaged.

When you do one of the following to start Create Assistant, the Kofax PDF Create Assistant dialog box appears:

  • Click Start > Kofax Power PDF Advanced > Create Assistant.

  • On the Windows taskbar, right-click the Kofax Power PDF icon, and then click Create PDF on the context menu.

  • From integrated applications, access Create Assistant.

List of files

Use drag-and-drop or click the Add button (Add icon) to build a list of files in Create Assistant. As you click Add, it displays a menu with the following commands:

  • Click Open file to browse for files on your local computer.

  • Click Open from DMS to browse for files on a Cloud storage site, a SharePoint server, or another Document Management System.

Use the Delete button (Delete icon) to remove the selected files from the list.

Use the Clear button (Clear icon) to remove all the files. The removed files are deleted from your list but not from your computer.

Use the up and down arrows (Up and Down icons), or drag-and-drop the files to change their order within the document.

Options for PDF creation

In the the Kofax PDF Create Assistant dialog box, you can select the following options:

  • Create a PDF for each input document: Creates a separate PDF for each source document.

  • Combine files into one PDF document: Combines the files in the given order to create a single PDF file, with a choice to have bookmarks created from the input file names.

  • Overlay files as one PDF document: Pages in the newly created PDF will combine the page contents from the contributing files. Click Options to define the positioning of the overlay.

  • Package files into one PDF document: Groups a set of files into a PDF package, creating PDF files from non-PDF source files. Each PDF file in a package can be opened and saved separately. Click Options to define which cover page should be used.


In the Profiles selection box, you can select from the following predefined profiles:

  • Standard Quality

  • Draft Quality

  • Publishing Quality

  • Company Confidential

  • Tagged PDF

  • PDF with MRC Compression

  • Searchable PDF

Click the Profiles button to open the PDF Create Profiles window, where you can change the profile settings,create new profiles or delete existing profiles.


The static text summarizes the current saving settings. Click the Saving button to modify the settings. For details see Destination Settings.

Start PDF Creation icon When all settings are defined, click the Start PDF creation button to proceed.