About the conversion process

A conversion process can be performed using:

The conversion will be performed immediately using existing or pre-defined settings, and the converted, editable document will always be displayed in the target application.

Additional conversion information

Page sizes
Microsoft Word can accept page sizes up to 22 x 22 inches (55.88 x 55.88 cm).
Graphics from the PDF/XPS pages will be reduced to a resolution specified in the "Resolution for Graphic Elements" selection box that is available on each processing panel: Standard Document, Legal, Spreadsheet or Form panel.
If you cannot restore the layout as you wish, and you have OmniPage, you can use it to convert the source files. It offers more control over the formatting and conversion process than when the built-in OCR is used. See When to Use OmniPage.
The language assigned to converted documents depends on your Windows local settings. If it should be different, select the whole converted document, or parts of it, and set the correct language at File > Options > Language in Microsoft Word or Tools\Language\Settings in WordPerfect.
Password protection
Encrypted (password-protected) PDF files, or those protected against printing or content extraction can be converted only if you can provide the necessary passwords. The program will request passwords if necessary. See Password-Protected PDF Files.