Save As

This dialog box appears if one of the following occurs:

  • Query the file name is selected in either of the selection boxes (“Target” and/or “If File Exists” ) of the Destination Settings dialog box. Query the file name is the default setting in both of the selection boxes.

  • Query the file name or Save in named folder; prompt file name is selected as Naming Method in the PDF Settings panel of Kofax PDF Create Properties.

  • The user clicks File > Save As > Browse. The Save As dialog box starts, for details see Save As (File).

The Save As dialog box serves to

  • change the offered folder and file name if necessary

  • enable/disable the View Resulting PDF option

  • enable/disable the Document Settings option

  • change document properties. Display the Document Settings dialog box by clicking on the Edit button. This button is available only if the Document Settings option is enabled. You can change the displaying conditions of the resulting PDF file and add or change document information, such as title, subject, author and keywords. You can also add custom defined fields to PDF files. This information is useful for information retrieval.