Embed an index

You can create and embed a search index for an opened PDF document. An embedded index increases file size but significantly speeds up searching on very long documents. Once embedded, the index remains part of the file unless removed and makes searching truly portable.

Proceed with the following steps to embed, update, or remove an index from your document.

  1. Index icon Open the file and select Advanced Processing > Process > Index. and select Embedded Index from the list.

    The Embedded Index dialog box appears, which allows creating, updating and removing an embedded index.

  2. To create an embedded index for the active PDF document, click Create.
  3. To update an embedded index after changes have been made in the PDF file, click Update.
  4. To remove an embedded index from the currently opened PDF file, click Remove.
  5. To cancel a creation process, click Stop.

Note You can generate search indexes for a large group of PDF files in a single operation, but these are not embedded.