Watermarks panel

The Watermarks panel is available from the Panel bar when you select the following tool:

Watermarks icon If you do not see this tool, right-click in an empty area of the Panel bar and select it.

Use the Watermarks panel to add and customize existing watermarks, or create new ones.

The panel lists the currently available Watermarks and offers the following operations in the context menu and in the panel toolbar:

  • Apply

  • Apply as background

  • Remove Watermark from document

  • New

  • Copy to New

  • Edit

  • Delete

  • Rename

  • Reduce Watermark Thumbnails

  • Enlarge Watermark Thumbnails

  • Reset Watermarks

  • Import

  • Export

For more information, see Use an existing watermark, Create a custom watermark, and Remove a watermark from a document page.