Layers separate different elements of a PDF page. Layers are useful when working with architectural plans and in preparing documents for a printing house. Layers can be displayed in PDF files and you can add new layers.

The Layers panel is available from the Panel bar when you select the following tool:

Layers icon

If you do not see this tool, right-click in an empty area of the Panel bar and select it.

This panel lists all layers detected on the current page. Click the box to the left of each layer name to show or hide the corresponding layer. A shown layer has an eye icon; a hidden layer has an empty box. You can display any combination of layers.

Adding layers is a per-page operation. You select one input page and place it on one target page.

To add a new layer proceed with the steps below.

  1. Options icon
    Click the options tool and select Import Page as Layer.

  2. Browse for the input file and if necessary, specify the input page number.

  3. Select a target page in the display on the right; the preview pane shows the result.

  4. Provide a name for the layer. If you have layer groups, you can assign a name to a group.

  5. Define the sizing, position and rotation for layer placement.

  6. Set a transparency level for the new layer, and whether it should be in front of the page image or behind it.

  7. If desired, you can change the target page number to see how the layer would appear on other pages.

  8. Select the target page where the layer should appear, re-check its appearance and click OK.

As alternatives to creating a new layer, you can select to add the input page to an existing layer. If the import page itself has layers, you can import all those layers.

  • Since layers can be applied only one page at a time, they are not efficient for placing a logo or picture on all or many pages of a document. Use a Stamp instead.

  • Layers cannot be deleted or modified once placed, so care should be taken to place the layer correctly.

  • The layer options menu also lets you define conditions for layer display, restore original appearance, expand or collapse the layer list, merge defined layers into one of the existing layers, or merge all layers into the main document using the command Flatten Layers (also available as an option under Document > Flatten).

  • Use the icons on the right of each layer name to lock or unlock the layer or to adjust the display settings for the layer.

  • Moving to Advanced Edit mode may remove layers from a document.