Stamps Panel

The Stamps panel shows all stamps currently available in your system, grouped by categories. You can create new groups and new stamps and place these in a predefined or a custom-created group. You can also create a custom dynamic stamp.

Stamps icon The Stamps panel is available from the Panel bar when you select the Stamps tool.

If you do not see this tool, right-click in an empty area of the Panel bar and select it.

Use the Stamps panel to do the following:

  • Expand all icon Collapse All icon Click Expand All or Collapse All to display all stamps inside all stamp groups, or to see only the group names. Click the icon at each group node to show or hide groups individually. When search results are displayed, the Show All tool appears, to restore the full display.

  • Find icon Click Find to locate one or more stamps based on texts in stamp names. Only found stamps display. Click the Show All tool on the left of the panel's toolbar to restore the full stamp set.

  • Add icon Click Add to create your own stamp from an image file. From the drop-down list select Create to add a static image as a stamp or Create Custom Dynamic Stamp to add a stamp that automatically enters the current date and time whenever it is placed in a document.

  • View a list with more options, such as:

    • Insert: Apply the selected stamp to a predefined location in a PDF document. The same function is performed by double-clicking the stamp.

    • Delete: If a stamp is selected, select this or press Del to delete it, or right-click the stamp to be deleted and select Delete. Confirm deletion in the dialog box.

    • Rename: If a stamp is selected, select this or right-click a stamp and select Rename, then type in the new name in the Edit Stamp Name dialog box and click OK.

    • Find: Display a subset of stamps whose names contain a search text entered in the Find Stamps dialog box.

    • Create: Select an image file to become a new stamp; give the stamp a name and assign it to a new or existing group.

    • Create Custom Dynamic Stamp: Create a dynamic stamp from a template that can include a time-stamp. In the Digital Stamp dialog box, select from available templates to use as a basis for your new custom stamp. Enter a Stamp name, select from available groups or create a new group, specify the content and appearance for the first and second short identifiers (such as initials or abbreviations), and then click OK.

    • Reset Stamps: You can rename or delete any stamp. The default set of predefined stamps can be restored at any time to replace the current choice or to be added to it.

For information on handling stamps placed in a document, see Stamps.

Handwritten signatures can be placed in a document from the Security ribbon. They are handled as stamps; they do not appear in the Stamps panel but do appear in the Comments panel and can be commented, reviewed and so on.