About the Convert Assistant toolbar

The following tools are available in Convert Assistant in Full View, from left to right.

An arrow beside a tool indicates further choices in a drop-down list. Some tools may have a different appearance on the toolbar depending on the selection in the drop-down list.

Tools Tool names and functions Corresponding menu items


Open displays the Open dialog box. A drop-down list appears for cloud connectors. In Power PDF Advanced detected Document Management Systems are listed.


Dropbox is no longer supported directly in Power PDF. See About Cloud Connectors for details.

File > Open

File > Open from SharePoint

File > Open from eDOCS

FileOpen from WorkSite

File > Open from Worldox

File > Open from Documentum

Preview icon
Preview shows the Preview panel. A double-click in this panel displays the current page in its associated application. View > Preview

Standard icon

Legal icon

Spreadsheet icon

Form icon
Mode displays the options of the currently chosen processing mode (Standard, Legal, Spreadsheet or Form). Click the arrow beside the tool to select another processing mode and display its panel.

Options > Standard

Options > Legal

Options > Spreadsheet

Options > Form

Word icon

WordPerfect icon

Excel icon

PowerPoint icon

Rich Text icon

Output displays the output options panel; values set here apply to all the output formats (Word, WordPerfect, Excel, PowerPoint and RTF).

Options > Word Document

Options > WordPerfect

OptionsExcel Workbook

Options > PowerPoint Presentation

Options > Rich Text Format

All Files icon
Convert All starts converting multiple files. Convert > All Files

Selected File icon
Convert Selected starts converting a selected file. Appears black until a selection is made. Convert > Selected File

Remove icon

Remove All icon

Remove Converted icon
Remove removes selected input PDF files, all PDF files or all converted PDF files from the listing. It does not delete files from your disk.

File > Remove Selected File

File > Remove All Files

File > Remove Converted

Source File icon
View File displays either the source file or the result file in its associated application.

View > Source File

View > Result File

Move Up icon
Move Up moves a selected file upwards in the file list.

Move Down icon
Move Down moves a selected file downwards in the file list.

In Quick View only the Open, Preview, Mode, Output and Convert All tools are available.

The last selection of the Open, Mode and Output buttons is preserved after re-starting the Assistant.

Use Preferences in the File menu to enable or disable integrations into Office applications; In Power PDF Standard, Open can take input from supported Cloud connectors. In Power PDF Advanced, these Cloud connectors are available along with supported Document Management Systems (DMS), providing they were enabled during a custom install of the product, or later added using Change. Among DMS, SharePoint is always offered, while others are available only if a client component is detected on the local computer.