Migrate comments

This serves to migrate a set of comments from an earlier state of a document into the latest version. Open the latest version of the file and also the source file; make the latest version the current document.

  1. Options icon
    Open the Comments panel, click the Options tool and select Migrate Comments.

    The Migrate Comments dialog box appears.

  2. Select whether to display all migrated comments or only unconfirmed ones. The comment list is automatically filtered to show only migrated comments: any comments that existed in the target document become hidden.
  3. All currently open documents are listed. Select the document whose comments should be migrated to the current document.
  4. Review the list of migrated comments and select which to accept and which to reject.
  5. To confirm a migrated comment, right-click it and select Set Status > Migration > Confirmed. That comment disappears from the list and the document. If all migrated comments are confirmed, the comment list will be empty.
  6. Click the Filter tool in the Comments panel toolbar and select Show by Status > All Status to make all comments in the target document visible and listed.